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Tattoo Services

Tattoo Artist, Amar R. Torres, and owner of Tatu Apothecary has 18 years of tattoo experiences. Specializing in mostly black and grey semi-realism, color and concept design. Below each service provided are for private studio sittings, and bookings for any and all special events. Please check out the portfolio below, and if interested in getting a tattoo or booking for an event, please fill out the application form for a free consultation. Once our consultation is complete, you'll be able to book your appointment via the Booksy app. 


Tattoo Application Form

Please fill out this Application Form and I'll get back to you with a Price Quote. I may ask more questions to make sure we are on the same page to make sure you have the best outcome of your artwork. Thank you for your interest and trust. -A.R.Torres

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